Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Filtered Searching in Google Drive

Hello Eminence!

It's nearing the end of the school year, and a lot of us are trying to find documents and files within our Google Drive (whether it's for Program Review purposes or moving things into folders for reuse next year).

For example, let's say I wanted to move all of my Forms that I used for assessment purposes throughout this year into a folder called "Flashbacks".  However, I don't want to include in the folder the spreadsheets which have my current student responses on them.  To do this, start by clicking the down arrow in the "Search Drive" box.

This opens up the "Advanced" searching in Google Drive, which allows you to filter for specific results.

All of the files I'm searching for have the word "Flashback" in their title, but I only want to find the Forms that contain that word "Flashback".  To do this, I filtered my search by only looking for "Forms" by changing "Type" from "All" to "Forms":

You can also filter by date that the file was created, who owns the file (either one you own or one shared with you by a student), or where it is located.  Note: even though I had one item in my trash which had the word "flashback", it didn't appear in my search results.

Now that I have the filtered list of all the Forms that I am looking for, I can now highlight all of them and drag them into the "Flashback" folder for safe keeping until next year! 

Pro tip: you can also filter Drive for specific file types by searching the phrase "type:form" or "type:spreadsheet" into the box, putting a space, and then the word or phrase you're looking for:


Donnie Piercey
Eminence Schools


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