Friday, February 19, 2016

Images in Google Forms (Great for Math Teachers!)

Hey All!

I've received a few emails from people asking about the different ways that they can use images in the new Google Forms.  This is especially handy for math teachers who want their students to analyze data/tables/charts/images and then respond to questions about them.  Here's how it can be done:

First, when you want to insert an image into your form (Note: I'm using the "new" Forms, here), click the picture button on the right hand side.  This will bring up the "add image" window.

This will bring up the "add image" window.  It's here that you are able to add visuals to your Form.

The "Upload" button will add images directly from your computer (this may be an image you've created using a design program, math equation editor, etc).  Pro tip: you can actually just "drag" an image from your desktop to this window, too!  

The "Take a snapshot" option turns on your webcam and allows you to take pictures of something.  Occasionally, I'll just scribble a problem onto a white board/piece of paper that I want my students to answer/respond to and insert it this way.

By URL can be used if you have your image housed online somewhere -- this is the geekiest of the options.  You can right click on any image online (that you have permission to use, of course) and "Copy image address" to get it.

Images in Your albums are pulled directly from Google Photos (if you're using the service).  This is the way that you can easily take a picture of something with your phone and then insert it into a Form.

Google Drive images are ones saved in your Drive.  Another easy option.

Search looks through Google Images for whatever you'd like.  Just make sure you have permission to use them before you insert them into your Form.

In the .GIF file below I'm inserting an image from my desktop into a Google Form.

Click here to see it if you can't view it in this window.  

I inserted the image below the question I want my students to answer.  You can also have the question go directly above the picture; it's your choice!

You can take my Form by clicking here.  On mine I'm using something called "Data Validation" to force my students to type in their answer as a fraction.  I'll do a blog post on how that works later!
Good luck, and have fun, y'all!

Donnie Piercey
Eminence Independent Schools