Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Google Alerts

Having computers and the Internet save me time is one of my favorite things about modern technology. One example of this is the Alert service from Google. Basically, you can create a predetermined search for specific items in the news. Google does the searching in the background and will even combine multiple results into one email, of which you can choose the frequency. I've found so many great articles this way on topics that I care about. I also love seeing articles from across the country and world which address the same interests I have. This customized collection of news is neatly delivered to my email inbox each day.

How can you use this service for yourself and your students? 
  • Follow professional development topics you are interested in
  • Current events your class is following
  • Scientific developments on specific topics
  • Local news stories
  • Fun articles to share with your students
  • Educational news and developments
  • Follow individual leaders, politicians, artists, etc.

To get started simply visit the Google Alerts page (you will need to be logged in to your Google account). Then start experimenting with search terms. You will see a preview of results at the bottom. I love getting the articles from other states and countries, but you can change that option for each individual alert. 

You can also use this settings icon to choose delivery options.

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