Friday, December 11, 2015

Google Drive: Offline Mode

Hey All!

Just in case you weren't aware, Google Drive has an "offline" mode that can be switched on with a click of a button.   If you or your students happen to lose WIFI while working on a Google Drive file, or if the Internet is down and you'd like to still create a Doc, Sheet, or slideshow... here's how!

First, go to Google Drive and click the gear in the top right hand corner:

Next, click the two boxes that appear in the window that appears.  This will enable "Offline Mode".  As a bonus, if you click the "covert uploads" button on the same page, any time an Office 365 file is uploaded to drive, it'll automatically turn it into a collaborative Google Drive file.

Google Drive will now "sync" any files that you have in there onto your Macbook, so if you happen to lose WIFI during the day, you're still able to edit/create new files.

This is what Google Drive looks like when it's "offline".  You can't create new Folders/Upload Files, but you can still CREATE new items when you're offline.

If you "create" a new doc while offline (or if you lose WIFI in the middle or working on a document) offline mode will automatically save your file "offline", so you can't keep working on it.  When you reconnect to the Internet, your file will automatically be saved online in Drive.  Important reminder time: you'll need to be "signed into Chrome" for it to work!

I hope this is helpful.


Mr. Piercey

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