Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The New Google Forms!

Hello Eminence!

In case you missed it, Google is in the process of updating Google Forms.  It's quite different, but it is still a very effective way to quickly assess and gather information from your students, parents, or teachers.

Please note, while it's not "officially" rolled out to the public yet, we've been given a "special" preview: click here to "add" the new Google Forms to your school Google Apps for Education account.  It'll ask you to log in with your school email address, then.. BOOM... the new Google Forms are yours -- all yours!  


Oh, and in case you forget how to "create" a Google Form:

You'll first need to create a new Google Form within your Drive: (Go to drive.google.com, click "New", then "More", then "Google Forms")

You may notice that now up the top there's a purple bar which says "Try the New Google Forms"

If you click that button, it'll switch your account over to the new Google Forms.

Confused by all the buttons you see?  Here's a brief overview.  Click the picture below to get a much more reader-friendly version of the image.

Press "command - +" to zoom in!

Just one more thing: are you done with your preview of the new forms?  Want to go back to the old one?

Well... see that tiny running man in the bottom left-hand corner?

Click him to go back to the old Forms.

I hope this helps!

Donnie Piercey
@mrpiercey on Twitter