Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In a Rush? Need to Make a Phone Call? Try Slydial...

Hello Eminence!

Props to Andrew Moriates (@AndrewMoriates) for the find on this one.

You know you've been there.  It's 5:00PM -- time to go home (or at least at a normal job it would be), and you still need to make that quick phone call to remind that parent about that meeting tomorrow morning.

You're in a rush and don't really have a ton of time to talk!

Don't you wish there was a way that you could just call the parent's phone number and have it go straight to voicemail?
Enter Slydial.  
You can call any phone number through the app, and it does just that.  Great for teachers on the go!  


Donnie Piercey
Eminence Independent Schools

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