Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Like to Move It, Move It...

Hello Eminence!

Want to get your students up and moving, add a little random excitement to any lesson, or just spice up those "note taking" class periods?  Here's a quick little Google Chrome Extension that adds a little surprise and delight:

Click here to add "Move It"

Here's how it works.  First, add the Extension to Google Chrome (click).  It will appear as a pink square with a white circle in the top right corner of your browser:

See it on the far right?
When you click that button, a little window will drop down that looks like this:

This is where you can set the exercise interval and whether or not to have the extension enabled or not.  To turn it on/off, click the little box. 

So what does it do, exactly?  

In the example above, the "Exercise Interval" is set for 15 minutes.  This means that every 15 minutes a new tab will automatically pop-up in Chrome that asks your students to perform a random, fun task. 

Here are two examples: 

The tab won't go away until you or your students perform the tasks, and then click the button in the middle of the tab.  It's lots of fun!  



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