Sunday, November 23, 2014

View Pure!

Want to show or share with your students a Youtube Video but are worried about suggested videos, ads, or comments?

Check out View Pure:

Here's how it works.  First, find a video on Youtube that you want to show your students.  Then, copy the video's URL/Web address (its URL/Web address begins with "http://" or "www").  Go to and paste the URL into the box in the middle of the screen.  Click "Purify" and watch the magic happen:

Once your video has been "purified", it'll open up in a new window with no ads, suggested videos, or comments!

Here's a pro tip.  On the main screen, you can also drag the big orange button button that says "Purify" up to your bookmarks bar in Chrome:

Then, anytime you're on Youtube and you want to show it your students the video in "Viewpure", all you have to do is just click the button on your bookmarks bar and it instantly changes!


   ~Donnie P

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