Thursday, November 13, 2014

Google Drive = Unlimited. Storage.

Hello Eminence!

In case you haven't heard  (or haven't gotten the memo yet) all of your accounts now have UNLIMITED STORAGE in Google Drive.  Yes, you heard that right... UNLIMITED. STORAGE.

Think about what that means:

     - You can upload any file type you want and not have to worry about "running out of space"

     - You can access these files on any device at any time.

     - Pro tip: want to show your students a video you created, but worried about some of the "Suggested Videos" they may come across if it is on Youtube?  Upload that video to Drive and then "share" it with your students.  They can watch it in your Drive WITHOUT ads, suggested videos, or comments.

Have a Great Day, Warriors!
   ~Donnie P.

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