Thursday, November 13, 2014

Command - K

Hello Eminence!

Here's a BIG time saving shortcut for you Google Drive users out there.

Let's say you are typing up an assignment and providing a list of links for your students in a Google Doc.  For example, in the doc below I want my students to use websites from the Smithsonian Institution, the History Channel, and Encyclopedia Britannica (Yes, I know it's old school):

I want to quickly provide a "hyperlink" to these websites that my students can just click on.  The easy way to do this?  Command - K.

Oh, and it's CTRL-K on a PC.
Highlighting any piece of a text in a Google Doc and then pressing "Command-K" on your keyboard will do a quick "Google Search" for that text.  A list of links will pop up in your Doc; all you have to do is to just click the one you want to be your "hyperlink".  Check it out:

Command-K --> Magic!
  Donnie P.
  Eminence Independent Schools


  1. Forgot this shortcut from EdCampKY, thank you! Quick question, I love your animated GIFs (I'm assuming that's what they are). How did you make them? I assume you screenshot something, uploaded it, and then you could download the GIF?

  2. Hey Adam,

    I use SnagIt for Chrome. Any video that's < 20 seconds can be turned into a .GIF file.