Sunday, November 23, 2014

Add-ons in Google Forms

Hello Eminence!

A few weeks back Google released "Add-ons" for Google forms.  These are free scripts that you can add directly into a form to perform certain tasks.  They can do things like eliminate options once they're selected from a multiple choice question (think how awesome that would be for conference sign ups!) and lock a form once a certain number of responses have been submitted (think if you're having sign ups for a club).

These can all be selected from a little drop down menu up the top of the form creation page:

To get an "add-on", create a new form, click "Add-ons", and then click "Get Add-ons":

This will then bring up a mini-app store where you can manage your add-ons.  There's not many of them right now, but they're (mind the pun) "adding" more all the time:

I'm doing a couple of blog posts/videos about some of these that will be on the website soon.


Donnie P. 

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