Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Google Forms and Classroom Updates

Hello Eminence!

For those of you using Google Classroom for document distribution, the app has recently been updated.  You can read the official blog post from Google here (click).  Here's a demo of two new features that I think are the most helpful for teachers:

Restrict Student Posting/Commenting Access

Terrified that your students will post something inappropriate?  Don't worry about that anymore!  With the latest update, you can now restrict your students' ability to comment OR post anything to the class stream.  Here's a demo:

Download Student Results 

In addition to that, it is now much easier to download class/student results on assignments.  Check out the image below: 

Google Forms Updates

Google Forms received some helpful updates this past week:

In the new Google Forms, you can now limit responses to ONE per person.  In other words, as long as you automatically collect the students' username, they are only allowed to submit the form ONCE.  You can even shuffle the question order now!  Observe: 


~Mr. Piercey

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